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November 08, 2021

183. Top tip: Belinda Agnew MD Enamus & Foccus Group: Allow Employees to Build Their Own Brand

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Allow your employees to build their own powerful personal brands

Trailblazing in the B2B world, Belinda Agnew is Managing Partner at Enamus. She is a highly motivated entrepreneur who has experienced incredible success, is breaking the internet with her followers, and has made a real mark in the B2B world. Belinda’s approach to staffing combines digital know-how, leadership, management, pizzazz, and a no B.S. approach to dealing with business decisions. She is the founder of Foccus Group which falls into tech with a digital edge. Aside from her unique approach in utilizing tech to access and scale companies across the globe, she has an eye for brands and helping companies find their voice and build a presence online. Belinda aims to inspire others to realise what seems impossible. Passion. Branding. Talent. Tech. Belinda has years of experience in managing the digital and tech executions for several brands in and outside Australia, the USA, AND Europe. Belinda is helping companies reach digital marketing goals–whatever these goals may be.

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