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February 04, 2022

196. Top Tip: Michael Dean: Co-Founder Avamore Capital: The Power of Listening So People Buy You

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Never underestimate the value of really listening to people and hearing their stories first so that they eventually reciprocate and ask about you and your story. Then people by you rather than you forcing a sale on them

Michael Dean is a Director and Co-Founder of Avamore Capital, an institutionally funded development and bridging lender, which was started in 2015. Avamore Capital is dedicated to providing outstanding service by understanding the constantly evolving needs of developers. As such, Avamore were the first ever lender to introduce the award-winning Finish & Exit product to the market which was designed to support borrowers which have run out time and money on their part-completed schemes.

To date, Avamore Capital has lent c.£400m to SME property developers across England and Wales, funding the construction of over 1,000 new homes. Michael also co-owns Chartfield Homes, a strategic land and housing development company which specialises in delivering planning permissions and new homes that maximise value and customer satisfaction.

Michael began his career as a Commercial Surveyor at Cushman & Wakefield, he then moved to real estate private equity where he specialised in debt restructurings and financed the development of a £210m mixed use development. Following which, he joined a family office where he enabled the family to exit a number of businesses and redeployed that capital successfully into commercial investments which were successfully asset managed and traded on. Whilst running the family office portfolio, Michael met co-founders Zuhair and Nick and Avamore was born.

Outside of work, he has strong interests in strategic investments in agriculture, technology and renewable energy. Michael is an avid sports fan with an Arsenal season ticket. He is keen cyclist and tennis player, three young children who he shares with his wife Andrejka. When he is not watching his children play football or rugby, Michael is playing on the dad’s cricket team or is out on country walks with his dog Axel.

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