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April 25, 2022

Top tip 207: Live the life you sing about says Bob Gappa, Founder & CEO of Management 2000

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207: Over the past 41 years I & Management 2000 have worked with over 1,650 companies who use franchising as their primary growth strategy. Management 2000’s clients exist in: USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India, Ireland, UK, and Germany.  

We bring Performance Management Systems & Processes to our clients. These systems have two parts which need to work together. One is the dynamics of business, which is beliefs lived. The second is the mechanics of business which is systems implemented and technology utilized. 

Every business needs a Vision Statement and then must know its top priorities for achieving the Vision. For companies using franchising those top priorities are: (1) locations open, (2) successful franchisees, and (3) very satisfied, loyal, frequent user, promoter customers. 

Theme: My job, role, function and purpose in my business life is to help people discover how to think the ways they need to think so their enterprise will be successful. In addition to my work in Management 2000 I have been a franchise of five Brands and the CEO of one Brand. 

Value for the listener: Discover the difference between thinking and having thoughts. Focusing on achieving results versus doing activities. Being an influencer. Getting people to inspire themselves. 

 Top Leadership Tips: 1. Personal goals drive business goals. 2. Don’t make something matter that doesn’t matter. 3. Words matter. 4. Live the life you sing about. 5. Keep commitments, or they are not commitments. 6. If everything is a priority, then nothing is. 7. Integrity is a luxury until it is tested. 8. The difference between good and great is discipline. 9. Performance is more important than rhetoric. 10. Have an unwavering commitment to results. 

Two Books: 1. Peter Drucker – The Effective Executive. 2. Edgar Schein – Helping: How to Offer, Give, and Receive Help 

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