“ACT, don’t react” says Saema Somalya, EVP Legal & Risk, Remitly Global

Nov 2022
“ACT, don’t react” says Saema Somalya,  EVP Legal & Risk, Remitly Global

Every week, as part of my Inspiring Leadership with Jonathan Bowman-Perks podcast series, I speak with a different guest who offers their insightful wisdom about all things leadership. This series is aimed at inspiring leaders, whatever level you are at. Whether you are starting out in your career, whether you are in a middle-ranking role, or whether you are a CEO or Chairman of a board – there is always something you can learn. This series provides you with the skills, stories, tips and techniques which you can pass on to those you lead, and your teams. This week’s guest is inspiring leader, Rene Yoakum. 

Saema Somalya is EVP for Legal and Risk, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary for Remitly Global, Inc., where she leads the Legal, Compliance Risk and Privacy teams. Prior to joining Remitly, she was senior vice president, deputy general counsel (corporate) and assistant secretary at Fifth Third Bancorp and Fifth Third Bank, N.A. and senior vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary at Warren Resources, Inc.

Previously, she served as senior legal director and corporate counsel to PepsiCo, Inc. Ms. Somelya began her career as an associate in Davis Polk’s Capital Markets group.

Ms. Somalya is also active in industry, community and civil rights forums and serves as the Board Chairman for Muslim Advocates, a national civil rights advocacy organization. She earned a B.A. in international relations and affairs from Yale University and a J.D. from Yale Law School. She is British born, American raised and lives in the Seattle area with her husband and daughter.


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