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Discover how Jonathan can help you to succeed

From one-to-one coaching for individuals or teams to motivational talks and event hosting.

Jonathan Bowman-Perks

Leadership Adviser

Jonathan’s clients value the following from their work with him:
  • You will receive a significant return on investment within 18 months with guaranteed measurable leadership growth.
  • You will gain considerable self and mutual awareness.
  • You will increase your profit, enhance your presence and boost your personal power and influence.
  • You will exhibit greater courage, humility and discipline in the way you lead.
Leadership Advice

Team or one-to-one coaching

Jonathan is in great demand to help create and develop high performing teams. He also can turn around toxic teams. Through his knowledgeable, open and honest style, Jonathan is able to engage with clients and draw out their inner strengths in a way that helps them to overcome their personal and professional challenges. These outcomes then help them to build further successes as they learn greater self-awareness and the ability to enhance their strengths and not to be held back by their weaknesses.
Conferences and Events

Public Speaking

Jonathan is a confident and engaging public speaker who can capture the imagination and attention of almost any audience.

Conference Hosting

Conferences run better when you have an engaging host bringing the audience in line and keeping the event running smoothly.

Motivational Talks

Able to speak on a variety of subjects related to leadership and enhancing your performance, Jonathan’s talks can have a significantly positive impact on the audience.


Jonathan’s extensive experience of speaking at public events, combined with his eloquent manner makes him an ideal host for any professional event.

Motivational Talks

Engage the audience and inspire your team with a speaker who encourages, motivates and sparks ‘light-bulb’ moments with his illuminating insight into leadership prowess. Below are just a couple of examples of Jonathan presenting TED-style speeches.

Finding & following your True North

Jonathan shares his life journey and how he discovered his ‘true north’. Often it is not what you think it is and yet discovering it can be transformational.

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Leading yourself in the Age of Overload

Jonathan engages with audience members to explore individual challenges and what it takes to be a great leader.

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Top Tips for Inspirational Leaders

Top Tips for Inspiring Women Leaders Publication

Top Tips for Inspiring Women Leaders

This special edition celebrates International Women’s Day and inspirational women who are making a difference in their lives, organisations and communities! The authors bring you some of the best leadership practical tips and nuggets of wisdom from some of the most successful people in authority from around the world.

Top Tips for Inspiring Leaders Publication

Top Tips for Inspiring Leaders

These Inspiring Leaders have been in the thick of things. They have made mistakes and learned the hard way to persevere, apply the resultant wisdom and become highly successful.

From many years of experience, as Trusted Leadership Advisers, we find the enclosed wisdom helps people to find purpose, make more money for their businesses, wisely allocate their time and improve the quality of their work/life.

Inspiring Women Leaders Publication

Inspiring Women Leaders

What does real inspirational leadership look like for you in the 21st century? How can you harness the power of diversity through being truly inclusive of women leaders?

The book is a call to action for us all. This is not a ‘women’s issue’ that a few good men support. This is an issue of inclusion, and we each have a crucial part to play.