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Both my corporate career and my life as an Executive Coach and Public Speaker have presented me with opportunities to work with some truly inspirational leaders. I am delighted to share their wisdom with you through these videos and podcasts.

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What is Inspiring Leadership?

19 Apr, 2019
What makes a good leader? We explore the question with leaders who have achieved great successes in their own right. Listen to Scott Parazynski &#8…

How Do You Learn From Your Mistakes –…

19 Apr, 2019
Jonathan discusses the thorny subject of making mistakes as a leader. We all make them, but how do you cope with them? Are you an inspirational lea…

Beware Of Trying To Add Too Much Value

19 Apr, 2019
When you’re worried what people think about you you’ll be surprised how little they do. We often overdo it trying to impress too much. …

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