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January 30, 2024

#300: Jonathan & Leigh Review 300 Episodes – Part 1

Podcast Details

1. Why the Inspiring Leadership Podcast and what does it mean to you?

The Inspiring Leadership Podcast was born in 2019, and as we embark on our 5th year, it’s an opportune time to revisit its inception. early guests, including Lieutenant General Sir Nick Pope (Episode 1), Commandant RMAS Paul Nanson (Episode 3), Alison Nimmo CEO of Crown Estate (Episode 2) and Philippa Snare SVP of The Trade Desk (Episode 4), laid the foundation for what the podcast has become. The guiding principle has always been to inspire and empower leaders to be their best selves and recommend other inspiring leaders as guests.

2. Which Podcast Guests have shaped your CEO leadership coaching and Team Trust Building Offsites?

Stephen Covey. 299 Commander David Marquet. 120 Jeff Nischwitz.  138 The CEO Forums – love learning from each other.

3. Which are your favourite guests and episodes out of all 300?
Mike Manazir. 270 Lords Richards. 298 Matt Oppenheimer. 43 Deanna Oppenheimer. 80Catherine Baird. 29 SVP Emirates Cabin Crew.

4. What were the best pieces of advice your guests wished they had when you started out (aged 16-18)? “What are you don’t know is a far more important than what you do know. Read, be curious and think”
181. Maj Gen Andrew Mackay Be Less Intense. Say Yes more often. Learn from Failure. Integrity – keep your word. Be courageous and confident in what you believe: Darren Moorcroft

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