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April 30, 2024

#313: Jad Jimi Ibrahim Co Founder OASISX

Podcast Details

As the co-founder of OasisX, Jimi is driving the innovation and growth of a company that leverages technology and decentralization to create new opportunities and solutions in various industries, such as real estate, trading, and gaming. With a passion for emerging technologies, he entered the cryptocurrency space in 2016 by establishing a successful crypto mining farm in Lebanon, and has since become a reputable crypto trader and investor, with a commitment to empowering talented individuals to shape the future.

Jimi is also a partner of Jamil Ibrahim Establishment, one of Lebanon’s leading family-owned high-end residential development companies, where he applies his diverse background and expertise in real estate, FNB, tech, and entertainment to identify and execute profitable investments across the globe. Equipped with the skills and knowledge to navigate the complex and dynamic markets and sectors he operates in, a true visionary, Jimi is dedicated to making a lasting impact on the world through his entrepreneurial pursuits.

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