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Global Leadership Coach to: Chairman, CEOs & Executive Teams

Broadcaster • Leadership Coach • Entrepreneur

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Discover how Jonathan can help you,  your team and your organisation to survive, thrive and succeed.

Podcaster and Motivational Speaker

Jonathan is ranked in the top 2% of global podcast hosts and speaks to audiences all around the globe.

Find out how he can help your organisation.

Leadership Coach

Jonathan is lauded as an inspirational leadership coach to CEOs, Chairmen, Board Members and teams.

Find out how he can help you.

Executive Team Coach

Jonathan works with you remotely by video and also in person.

Blended programs of virtual and in person Team Coaching are also popular for the New Normal.

  • Baroness Margaret Eaton, The House of Lords

    “Jonathan has the special ability to help you to know yourself, to be yourself and to give you confidence to successfully pursue your goals.” (Promotion from Leader of Bradford City Council – House of Lords)
  • Rory Paterson, Vice President, Expedia

    I am very fortunate and exceptionally grateful to have Jonathan as my coach throughout what can only be described as the most challenging year of my (and many other’s) career(s) to date. Without Jonathan’s extraordinary wisdom, his extensive reading and ability to reference and recommend practical examples tips and case studies for almost every eventuality, I believe my behaviour, optimism and performance would have been very different over the last 12 months. Simply put, Jonathan has been an…
  • Peter Estlin, Lord Mayor of London & Formerly Group CFO, Barclays Bank

    ‘Jonathan has been extremely helpful to me, personally and to my organisation. He is very personable, with a great gift for telling inspiring stories. He is a master of his subject, drawing on extensive research, thoughtfully introducing this and working with me to enhance my own skills and those of my team. Our work has helped me to gain a deeper understanding of the value I can bring to society at large as well as the organisations and institutions I work with. Many thanks indeed Jonathan’ …

My life as a Broadcaster and Leadership Coach brings me into contact with some of the brightest minds in business

I am delighted to share the wisdom of some truly inspirational leaders – on coaching, leadership and business management.

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