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We will not provide any personal data to third parties except in the following situations:

1. To third parties who we work with in order to provide our services (and in those circumstances we will place those third parties under a duty of confidence in relation to your data and put in place written terms to ensure that they only use your personal data to provide our services and that they keep it secure).
2. If obliged to do so by law or a data protection regulator.
3. To potential purchasers of our business or shares in Yortech Limited (again under confidentiality terms and subject to the restrictions above).
4. In ways to which you have consented or are otherwise allowed by law.

We will not transfer personal data outside the EEA unless it has taken the steps required by English law first.

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If you provide information via this site Yortech will only use that information to contact you in the way you have requested and then agree with you how we will use your data afterwards. Normally we agree to use your data to complete any work that you might ask us to undertake, to keep you informed about our business and so we can comply with our legal obligations. We will not retain your personal data for longer than necessary for the relevant purpose. If you notify us that personal data is out of date or inaccurate we will update it or delete it.

Intellectual Property:

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Responsibility for Errors:

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