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Have confidence in your choice

Being a leader means making informed decisions and when that decision can impact your longer-term effectiveness you need to do your due diligence. These testimonials validate Jonathan as an exceptional team coach and executive coach who can help you, your team and your organisation to realise your full potential.

Baroness Margaret Eaton, The House of Lords

“Jonathan has the special ability to help you to know yourself, to be yourself and to give you confidence to successfully pursue your goals.” (Promotion from Leader of Bradford City Council – House of Lords)”

Dame Alison Nimmo, CEO, The Crown Estate

“Jonathan – I’ve just been reflecting on our last coaching session and how far I have come over the two years that I have been working with you as my leadership coach. I really just wanted to say a big thank you. You have helped teach me about what purpose really means and helped me really pursue it in my business, balancing it appropriately within our commercial mandate. You have helped me find my true leadership style and voice – one that is authentic, and I feel really comfortable and happy with. You have given me the courage to face some of my biggest problems and challenges and turned them into real successes – for my business and me. You have taught me the power of team, delegation and trust. Finally, you have helped silence my inner critic, giving me the confidence to really reach for my true potential; beyond what I ever thought was possible. (Took Business from £10 Bn to £13.4 Bn Revenue & +40% Profit)”

Emma Kane, CEO, SEC Newgate

“Dear Jonathan Thank you so much for your wisdom, experience and the great insights that you shared with us. Your keynote speech was really inspirational and was referenced in our sessions today. We learned so much, grew as a team and you equipped us to have much better conversations and how to make the best decisions and execute them. Monkeys are going down now…”

Jon Parry, Vice Presidents Asda Logistic Services, Asda/ Walmart

“I’ve just completed a number of sessions with Jonathan and wanted to share a few words about him. Jonathan truly is and continues to be an inspiration to me. Every session we have together motivates me to do more. His leadership knowledge is incredible. He is both professional and personal and what I like the most is that his says it as it is. I continue to learn more and more through his guidance and wanted to share that he has made a real positive impact on my life. Thanks Jonathan. (Promotion to VP & Handling Pandemic)”

Matt Oppenheimer, CEO, Remitly Global

“I was reflecting over the last week – through our Objectives, Key Results (OKR) reviews and during a Board meeting specifically – that your team coaching has had SUCH a positive influence on the company and me personally as a leader. It’s one of the many things YOU have taught me and I’m just very grateful for your wisdom and friendship – so just wanted to say thanks.”

Philip Johnson, CFO, Hargreaves Lansdown, Wealth Management

“Jonathan is able to listen to my challenges and bring a different perspective and angle to them, deliver that in ways in which I welcome his input and makes me reflect. He always projects positive energy and an indefatigable spirit regardless of the situation, which is infectious even when I’m sure at times he may be handling tough situations. I look forward to our conversations before we have them and enjoy them afterwards, when I think back on them. (Restructure, Pandemic & Revenue + 25%)”

Professor Craig Mahoney, CEO, Higher Education Academy

“Being a CEO can be lonely and tough. Working with Jonathan Bowman-Perks has given me confidence, support and courage to take tough decisions by enabling me to explore thinking in a safe and objective setting. His fantastically sharp mind, broad experience and outstanding coaching skills have enabled me to positively change my thinking, my use of language and enhanced my emotional intelligence to become a better leader.”

Rory Paterson, Vice President, Expedia

“I am very fortunate and exceptionally grateful to have Jonathan as my coach throughout what can only be described as the most challenging year of my (and many other’s) career(s) to date. Without Jonathan’s extraordinary wisdom, his extensive reading and ability to reference and recommend practical examples tips and case studies for almost every eventuality, I believe my behaviour, optimism and performance would have been very different over the last 12 months. Simply put, Jonathan has been an extraordinary wing man, influencing much of my approach and ability to cope with complex and challenging business and personal situations through powerful coaching and an unmatched knowledge of readings (Restructure, Downsize & Promotion to VP Level)”

Sir Peter Estlin, Lord Mayor of London & Formerly Group CFO, Barclays Bank

“Jonathan has been extremely helpful to me, personally and to my organisation. He is very personable, with a great gift for telling inspiring stories. He is a master of his subject, drawing on extensive research, thoughtfully introducing this and working with me to enhance my own skills and those of my team. Our work has helped me to gain a deeper understanding of the value I can bring to society at large as well as the organisations and institutions I work with. Many thanks indeed Jonathan (From CFO to Lord Mayor)”