”Calibrate – don’t catastrophise!” says Melanie Richards CBE

Mar 2022
”Calibrate – don’t catastrophise!” says Melanie Richards CBE

Every week, as part of my Inspiring Leadership with Jonathan Bowman-Perks podcast series, I speak with a different guest who offers their insightful wisdom about all things leadership. This series is aimed at inspiring leaders, whatever level you are at. Whether you are starting out in your career, whether you are in a middle-ranking role, or whether you are a CEO or Chairman of a board – there is always something you can learn. This series provides you with the skills, stories, tips and techniques which you can pass on to those you lead, and your teams. 

Melanie taking some time off

This week’s guest is Melanie Richards. Melanie holds a range of board roles. She is a Non-executive Director of Morgan Stanley International, a member of the boards of the Royal National Theatre and The Invictus Games Foundation and Chair of The Eve Appeal (which funds research and raises awareness of the five gynae cancers). She sits on the advisory boards for both the Centre on AI Technology for Humankind at the National University of Singapore Business School and the UK Government’s National Leadership Centre (supporting cross sector leadership and collaboration).

With large-scale general management, board and advisory experience, Melanie was until September 2020 the Deputy Chair of KPMG UK, with a period as Acting Chair during the pandemic. Melanie was heavily involved in its continuing transformation in areas such as risk, culture, diversity and inclusion, reputation and ESG. Melanie was awarded a CBE for her contribution to business and to the diversity and inclusion agenda in 2019. She is a founding member of the 30% Club Steering Committee, sat on the Steering Group of the Hampton Alexander Review and won the Outstanding Contribution to Social Mobility Award in 2018. She is an Honorary Member of the ICAEW and has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Business and Administration from Oxford Brookes University.

Melanie’s Top Tip: “Calibrate don’t catastrophise” – keep things in perspective and avoid extrapolating to the extreme (and often unlikely) scenarios.

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