More or Less of a leader?

Oct 2011

“A great leader takes more than their share of the blame and less than their share of the credit.”

Now that wise addidge can be hard to follow!

I can remember, with toe curling embarrassment, the times when I tried to take more than my share of credit, as I grew up as a leader. Can you recal your own transgressions? What drove such unhealthy behaviour? What lured us to do that – feeling we were not good enough, needed to pump ourselves up perhaps?

As for avoiding the blame…… Back to childhood and sloping shoulders. “It wasnt me – they did it!” you may have said.

Maturity as a leader means we are not always proving ourselves, but rather encouraging others to grow in a safe low-blame environment. Then as neuroscience now teaches us, we all become innovative and successful.

I encourage you to go out and practice living this motto – it changes lives and business success.

Warm regards Jonathan

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