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December 30, 2020

Know Yourself & Know Your Enemy: David Ringwood VP MRG inspiring leadership interview with Jonathan Bowman-Perks MBE

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Learn about your awareness, bias and intrinsic motivation. Then build upon your ability to observe you and your colleagues more completely and objectively

David Ringwood: Vice President of Client Development EMEA, Management Research Group – Know Yourself & Your Enemy.  

David is Vice President of Client Development for the EMEA region with Management Research Group, a leading global developer of advanced psychological assessments. He is an executive coach and faculty member at IMD Business School in Switzerland, and speaks regularly to international audiences of many aspects of leadership. 

David is a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society and is a member of the European Association for Work and Organisational Psychology (EAWOP) and the British Psychological Society (BPS). He is also Past President of the Institute of Business Consulting & Analysis. He holds postgraduate and advanced research degrees in Cognitive Linguistics. 

This focus of David’s coaching work focused on the uniqueness of the individual and what that means in terms of awareness, bias and intrinsic motivation. He builds upon the ability of any person to observe themselves more completely and objectively and then to observe others beyond their own assumptions and biases. This leads to a wider perspective and the ability to make more calibrated and relevant behavioural choices. 

David is described on social media as:

A leader in talent assessment and development specialist with significant commercial, business development and networking abilities, combined with domain expertise in assessment tools and their application in OD and talent acquisition/development processes. I work with clients across EMEA including corporates, consulting/professional services organisations, leading business schools and humanitarian organisations. Faculty member and executive coach at IMD business School, frequent speaker at international conferences and author of many publications on leadership globally. Independent role as Head of Assessment with Touchstone Executive Assessment Ltd.

His key specialities and Areas of interest and passion are: Talent acquisition and psychometric assessment, leadership development, leadership assessment, high potential programs, executive coaching and consulting, organisational development, assessment center design and delivery. David has trained both Leigh and myself in use of MRG’s tools especially the individual directions inventory IDI.

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