July 25, 2022

#220: Inspiring Leadership Partners with Graham Brown – Episode 2

Podcast Details

Jonathan and Graham – as two world-class Podcasters – have a fascinating debate and share some latest thinking on integrity values beliefs and what you will and won’t do.

They pick up your questions as an audience such as our views on Boris Johnson- the recently sacked PM of the UK – and what about the toxic culture at UBER.

You gain insights into their own values and when they fall short themselves and the lessons that they’ve learnt which could apply to your business and life.

They share views on historic role models with high MQ and whether you agree that these people are high integrity or not. Who are you inspiring organisations – do you agree with them on the top companies and their shortcomings?

Then they end with their favourite books that they recommend you listen to or read on the topic of integrity values principles beliefs.

Jonathan can be found at www.jonathanperks.com and Graham at www.pikkal.com.

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