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February 27, 2023

#251: Jamie Woods – CEO at the JCW Group

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Jamie is the founder and CEO of JCW Group, a global recruitment business, and Search Capital, a human capital investment firm.

Jamie founded his first business, JCW, in 2007 from his living room in Islington, London. JCW was established with the determination to build a business obsessed with service excellence that always delivers on its promises. After a year building JCW solo, Jamie moved into his first office in 2008 and the business has been growing organically, and without external investment, ever since.

JCW has evolved to become JCW Group, a recruitment specialist with three brands (JCW, Catalyst Life Sciences, and Cybernetic Search) with 150 employees working across six offices in Europe and the USA. JCW was the foundation upon which Jamie built his portfolio of businesses by continuing to innovate and expand into new markets. The growth of JCW Group resulted in the launch of Search Capital, a business that provides investment, guidance, infrastructure, and support to fast growth firms within the human capital industry.

Search Capital comprises more than 300 employees across 5 brands and 6 locations. As CEO, Jamie works closely with founders to create a strategy, culture, and platform for rapid growth.

Jamie Woods’ top leadership tip is to always, no matter what you may have achieved, be acutely aware of your individual strengths and weaknesses, and to ensure that your role and team is structured accordingly. Surround yourself with individuals who will support your strengths, but perhaps most importantly, counteract your weaknesses.

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