December 30, 2020

Keeping the Country Served in a Pandemic: Jon Parry VP Asda Logistic Services – Inspiring Leadership Interview with Jonathan Bowman-Perks

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My mantra….”To serve my our customers better than anyone else!”

Jon Parry – Vice President, Asda Logistics Services

He’s had a range of challenging roles such as:

Senior Director, Logistics Operations, Asda, Distribution Director, Somerfield Convenience Stores. Retail Services Director, Somerfield Stores.

Jon is a passionate retail and supply chain professional with over 20 years’ experience leading large-scale transformational change programmes with both Private Equity and PLC businesses. Jon’s experience extends to leading operations of 15,000 employees with operating budgets of up to £750 million. His current role requires him to build and execute the logistics strategy for the Asda business.

The core purpose of the logistics strategy is “to serve our customers better than anyone else, but always at the lowest possible operating costs!” Jon has a passion for inspiring and motivating teams and building a culture of innovation and empowerment that enables the sustained delivery of both personal and strategic business objectives. Jon has a passion for developing the leaders of the future and plays a very active role in business mentorship and the diversity and inclusion programme within the business. My mantra….”To serve my our customers better than anyone else!”

Vice President (VP) of Asda Logistics Services (ALS), Jon Parry, explains the key elements involved in driving efficiency, quality of service and culture in line with the company’s strategic expectations.

My view is: Jon is a naturally inspiring leader who is always hungry to learn grow and develop. His is undoubtedly a CEO in the making with the humility to learn from his mistakes and an attitude that supports and grows his team and colleagues. He has a clear focus on performance – his own, his colleagues and Asda’s business. Jon has a job as Vice President of Asda Logistic Services which would overwhelm many, yet he takes it in his stride. His focus is on innovation, global leverage and network strategy through the colleagues he leads. Watch this space.

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