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March 13, 2021

Just Be The Love: Steven Foster – CEO and Founder at One Golden Nugget: Inspiring Leadership interview with Jonathan Bowman-Perks MBE

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  1. Steven FosterCEO and Founder at One Golden Nugget.

I’m on a mission to raise the consciousness of humanity by sharing wisdom, truth, venerability and positive vibes from some of the world’s most inspiring people.
I started my first business aged 19 with a loan from The Prince’s Trust and by the time I was 28 had achieved a level of success I could never have imagined. 3 years later I was cleaning toilets in a factory for minimum wage. A humbling experience. 

Until I started Nugget I was one of those people who built my dream and then continuously ended up losing it. By the time you get to your mind 40’s those lessons that keep repeating should have been learned. So I started asking people for one thing I could do to improve, their Nugget. From that spawned an incredible adventure. 

A further brief summary of my career and a few nice things along the way, in no particular order ….

Promoted some of the UK’s biggest dance events with my company – Dreamscape

Been in a boy band

Wished I was in a successful boy band!

Swept floors in a factory

Managed acts on X Factor and written contestant songs

Flown Concorde

Written hit records, including 1 Pop Idol winner’s record

Drunk Champagne with Charles & Liz at Buck House

Been to rock bottom three times 😂

Run 10 marathons, including London 8 times

Run 100+ half marathons

Cycled from John O’Groats to Land’s End

Started a business with Duncan Bannatyne

Ended a business with Duncan Bannatyne

Packed cassette tapes

Been on the front of newspapers

Packed newspapers

Stood outside BBC Radio 1 singing to DJ Scott Mills in my boxer shorts… whilst painted green

Built a record label

Owned a clothing label.

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