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December 30, 2020

Global Leadership on Podcasts: Joe Copeman SVP ACAST Inspiring Leadership interview with Jonathan Bowman-Perks

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Ensure people do what they are best at. Then we can all poke fun at ourselves and not take ourselves too seriously.

Joe Copeman, Global SVP Sales at ACAST (The largest global podcast company). Joe is always striving to assemble the best team in the world. Previously within Acast he was the MD of the UK+ Region, UK Country Manager, Director of Sales UK. Ensure people do what they are best at. Then we can all poke fun at ourselves and not take ourselves too seriously.  In his own words, Joe was doing an ‘elongated graduate scheme for 13 years’, before he started Acast in the UK.

He moved from medium to medium in various sales jobs, including Global Radio, ITV, Pearl & Dean & Sky, holding out a belief this would all be for a reason one day. Then the opportunity arose, Acast was born, and this was a chance to channel all previous experiences into this new baby. From 3 people in one small room in Kings Cross, Acast a medium from scratch (no-one was advertising in podcasts yet), and Joe oversaw the journey from the first £5k booking to see Acast become the largest podcast company in the world. Culture was always the No1 priority above everything else, and Joe assembled a team 60 strong in the UK, with an aim of everyone citing Acast as the best job they ever had.

Joe modestly describes himself in a few words as follows: A highly enthusiastic & creative individual with a wealth of experience working within a variety of well known & respected media owners.

Joe Copeman helped launch Acast in the UK in 2014, initially responsible for driving revenue to podcasters from brands. During the last five years, he has been instrumental in insuring that Acast has remained the market leader, is the best curated, fully integrated and fasting growing podcast marketplace in the world and that it has been integral to the rapid growth of the UK podcasting industry. Joe is currently Global SVP Sales, Managing Director UK+

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