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December 23, 2020

Reunion Lessons from RMA Sandhurst Instructors – Reflections of Jonathan Bowman-Perks MBE

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You DON’T control what happens to you in life. but you DO control how you respond. LET IT GO! Control is the master addiction.

This is my 3 month Review. I went to the Royal military academy Sandhurst instructors or “Louts” 30 year reunion of the British Army.

There was some great reflections looking back on our lives – “Work with friends not colleagues”. Giles Neville & Simon Treadgold Commented that it was a collection of very bright Leaders.

Also my client work the reflection that the CEO should be added to the Risk Register -They can be both and Asset and often a Liability.

In my reading I was reminded of the quote: “Man is pushed by drives, but pulled by values” Victor Frankl. Values are so very important and I learnt that strongly at Santis with the motto of serve to lead. That officers always eat last after those they lead.

 “If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, then the end is near” It’s a great quote from Jack Welch The CEO at General Electric (GE).  Marcus Aurelius’s rule was: “Blame yourself—or blame no one. The only place to look for approval is within yourself. The same goes for disapproval and fault-finding. As soon as you try to get it from other people, you’ve compromised your integrity. You’ve handed over your power. So either don’t blame anyone…or blame yourself. For whatever happens. For everything that happens. Those are the options.”

Leadership is very tied to the language that we use. There is the saying the words create world. Be careful in the words you select such as: “Can’t vs Won’t (don’t want to)

I am highly influenced bye Stoic philosophy: “You DON’T control what happens to you in life. but you DO control how you respond” LET IT GO! Control is the master addiction

I also had the chance to poignantly reflect on my father’s killing on Operations in the Far East at age 35

Now my Motto is “Alive & thrive beyond 35. So every day beyond that age is a bonus!” 58 and still alive – so far.

Dont be afraid of Death – Memento Mori

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