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December 28, 2020

Sending the Elevator Back Down for Others: Mark Pollack MD Aston Chase & Jonathan Bowman-Perks: Inspiring Leadership Interview

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When you have been successful remember to send the elevator back down to let others rise too. He is a great believer in constantly developing your team and yourself as leaders and as people

Mark Pollock – Owner & co-founder Aston Chase. Leader and philanthropist

Mark shares his very personal stories – both of learning from family financial hardships and from beginning at the bottom of an organisation and working his way up. He learnt from other’s success and financial wealth and from working his way to becoming an entrepreneur and owner of his own business. Aston Chase is a boutique property business – finding beautiful properties at the top end of the market, then selling, buying and letting them.

He shared his lessons from how as entrepreneurs you can overstretch yourself and how you need to have a nose for realising when you’ve got something wrong. He’s a great believer in giving back to society and has raised millions for charities and very deserving causes making use of the kindness of his friends and contacts who also want to make a difference for those less fortunate than themselves. He is a great believer in constantly developing your team and yourself as leaders and as people. As part of his charitable fundraising he is an enthusiastic cyclist and has thrown himself at some of the biggest challenges in the cycling world to raise money for others less fortunate than himself. Family and friends pay a very big part in his life and he is very proud of all that they have achieved too.

Mark is a founding partner of Aston Chase and remains actively involved in every aspect of the business today. He firmly believes in the core values of Aston Chase and considers the long standing highly experienced team to be fundamental to the company’s success.

Mark is a Trustee and Chair of Fundraising of Norwood, a leading UK charity supporting children, families and individuals with learning disabilities. He has raised substantial funds for the charity for over 25 years and is also active in several other community organisations.

He has Co-chaired the Norwood Property Lunch for over 10 years and participates annually in international cycling challenges for both Norwood and Langdon.

Mark utilises his outstanding connections in order to raise both awareness and funds for Norwood, alongside various other charities and community projects he supports.

Mark is also a Director and Board member of both The London Magazine and Fabric, which are two of London’s leading lifestyle/property publications.

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