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December 21, 2020

Top 3 Tips this month from Interviews, CEO & Team Coaching with Jonathan Bowman-Perks

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Top Tip

Be Courageous – Check decisions against your: Head, Heart, Gut & Wallet.

Stoic philosophy You DONT Control what happens to you in life but you DO control HOW you respond. We are what our choices make us.

9. Colonel Tim Collins OBE – CO R Irish, SAS Officer & Author “If you are ferocious in battle, remember to be magnanimous in victory” Tim’s Top Tips – know what needs to be done. Refine and clarify Purpose and Structure. Tell others, then build organisation around that clear purpose. Get the best talent you can afford behind your purpose. Spirit of ownership. Communications is vital to flow both ways. Let them get on with it.

10. Air Marshal Sir Graham Stacey KCB CB QCVS MBE RAF – Comd Brit Forces Cyprus In Graham’s experience leaders come in every size, shape, gender and background. It is crucial to “Be YOU”. I learnt – “Trust your instincts”.

12. Richard Fenning – Managing risk- avoiding or being reckless? How to respond to crisis. Political leadership unappealing for those with long term view. People avoiding a political career. Realise that many are not focussed on the bigger goal. Cult of CEO have to be led by a team not superhuman celebrity male CEO superego

13. Nathan Newton-Willington – Fitness & Nutrition Personal Trainer – Mind over matter. Change your thoughts in order to change your life. “You become like the 5 people you spend most time with throughout your life”. Never complain – never apologise!

14. Jonny Gray – He learnt to create the environment for others to succeed. The challenge is to “Empower & Enable” your teams (sometimes 3,000 miles away) and yet you understand them and what it takes. He realised you need a lot of humility.In Army learning from Ex Cpl who has been to Falklands War – Garry Hearn

15. Paul Cleal – Former Board Member PwC Now AdvisorPaul’s Leadership Tenets: 1. Integrity – being honest with people. Is there a good reason not to share information? 2. Clarity – Create & communicate the vision so everyone understands 3. Inclusive Leadership. Stop exclusion. 4. Lack of Understanding. More accepting of People who don’t think like you do. Looking back on when he got it wrong & he could have communicated better: 1. I should have checked – do they really understand and have you listened? 2. Making it logical doesn’t account for people’s emotional reactions to change.

16. Ashok Gupta – “Life shaped me there are 2 types of entrepreneurs:  1. Those who want to build a great business that delivers something customers really value, and through this make money  2. Those who just want to make money.  What impact do you want yours to have?

17. Alexander Knigge – SVP Marketing Comms and Digital Emirates Group Alex highlighted the importance of humility – to be smart and passionate with experience, yet not arrogant. Bringing on others is key – ‘great leaders develops great leaders’ Alex’s advice to emerging leaders – trust your gut on leadership decisions. Do what is right for the company & strategically.Top Tip: Be courageous, trust yourself & focus on developing your people. Be more in the backseat than always in front seat.

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