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January 23, 2023

“Effective leadership requires more than just being in charge – it requires a focus on three core tasks” says CEO at Skipton Group, Stuart Haire

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Stuart Haire, CENG, MENG

Stuart has enjoyed a career in senior roles within the UK Financial Services sector. Post the Financial Crisis, Stuart has attempted to rebuild the reputation of financial services through renewal of its social purpose and a greater focus on customer and societal outcomes. A strong and ethical Financial Services sector is crucial to Britain as she faces a period of changing economics and climate change. However the sector is tainted with historic scandals and, as a result, is heavily governed/regulated; often curbing the very advancements the are crucial to ongoing success. It is within this complexity that Stuart sees real meaning in his work and that of others.

Stuart has Chaired the Personal Services Board of UK Finance, the Finance Industry’s convening organisation and operated at Board level of three scale financial service organisations. Currently he is preparing to be CEO of Skipton Building Society. This is a very modern mutual organisation, with an impressive group of companies alongside the core Building Society including Connells and Contrywide. Prior to this, Stuart led HSBC’s personal business within the UK, covering brands such as HSBC UK, M&S Bank, first direct and John Lewis Financial Services. In a prior life, Stuart worked for a MoD consultancy firm and started his working life at the European Space Agency (ESA). Stuart holds a Masters degree in Physics and Electronics.

Stuart divides his time between Birmingham, Yorkshire and his family home in Edinburgh where he helps run the local football team. He is a keen golfer and enjoys watching his two boys playing in their various sports interests. Travelling is a family obsession and, alongside his wife Fiona, Stuart is lucky enough to have visited many of the most beautiful locations across the world.

Stuart Haire’s top leadership tip is to remember that leaders have three core tasks only. These are to create a shared context and strategy (which has meaning), to build capability (to deliver the context/strategy) and to create the motivation to drive after this goal no matter the challenges. In short: Context, Capability and Motivation.

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