Pause to Avoid Email Misunderstandings

Jun 2011

Think twice before pressing “send” on that email. Even in drafting this blog I accidentally sent it before I had finished! Many of the executives I know have unwittingly offended colleagues or clients by sending emails which were misunderstood.
How can we avoid this unintended blunder? The consequences are severe and take months to unravel an email which took 5 minutes to write and send.
1. Speak to someone face to face rather than email.
2. If they are in another country call them rather than email.
3. Find a critical trusted friend who can read it and explain to you how they might perceive it.
4. Be clear on your intention and the outcome you are seeking from the recipient.
5. WIIFM – take the recipient’s perspective and ask yourself “What is in it for me?”
6. WAMI – take their perspective and ask yourself ” what is against my interests?”


Warm Regards Jonathan

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