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August 29, 2023

#277: Mark “Splash” Aston – Author SAS Sea King Down

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Mark Aston joined the army in 1964 as a boy entrant with no formal qualifications. On entering adult service in 1966 he was posted to the Gloucestershire Regiment. Here he served in Berlin, Minden, Belize, Canada and Northern Ireland. He was a Corporal, section commander at age 20 and within 5 years was a platoon sergeant and went on to command a platoon on operations in Northern Ireland.
In 1978 he passed SAS Selection and was employed in Mountain Troop in D Sqn. He served all over the world and took part in the Falklands War where he took part in the liberation of South Geor gia, the raid on the airfield on Pebble Island and the taking of Mount Kent.

Later he was employed as the senior instructor at the International Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol School in Germany. Following this he was instrumental in the formation of the Light Recce Commanders Course at the School of Infantry. A tour as the RSM of the British Military Parachute School followed. His final job in the army was as the Divisional Sergeant Major assisting in running Company Commanders Courses at the Land Warfare School.

On retiring from uniformed service he was employed as a civil servant working with the Infantry Trials and Development Unit delivering Urgent Operational Requirements for ongoing operations.
Since retiring in 2013 he spends his time walking ‘Wilf’, his Border Terrier, cycling, training for and running ultra marathons. He has co-written a book with Col Stuart Tootal about his experiences during the Falklands War –‘ SAS – SEA KING DOWN’

Top Leadership Tip: Know your team and always be approachable, Always set an example and be decisive in all you do. Above all, know that Loyalty goes down as well as up. If the guys know you’ve got their back, they will protect yours.

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