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December 05, 2023

#291: Hari Budha Magar – Gurkha Everest Amputee

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The WORLD’S first double above-knee AMPUTEE to summit MOUNT EVEREST

In 2010, Hari Budha Magar lost both his legs above the knee, to an IED in Afghanistan.

Determined to change perceptions of what is possible for people with a disability, he reached the summit of Mount Everest around 3pm (Nepal time) on 19th May 2023.

43-year-old Hari Budha Magar has stood victorious atop the world’s tallest mountain as the first ever double above-knee amputee to climb Everest.

In accomplishing this challenge, Hari:

* has created history and become the world’s first double above-knee amputee to conquer Everest
* is raising awareness of disability globally and changing the narrative surrounding it
* is proof that having a disability does not have to be life limiting
* hopes to inspire people to conquer their own dreams and to lead more fulfilling lives

Through his climb, Hari aims to change perceptions on disability and inspire people to climb their own ‘mountains’ no matter the adversity that stands in their way.

Hari is raising £884,900 (the height of Everest plus two 00’s) for 5 amazing charities that helped him through his rehabilitation.

Mera Peak -6476m World Record
Chulu Far East -6059m
Kilimanjaro -5895m
Mt. Everest – 8846m
Mont Blanc 4810m

Charity PartnersGurkha welfare trust, On Course foundation, Team Forces, Blesma, Pilgrim Bandits (Always a Little Further).

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