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December 20, 2023

#293: Justin Levene – Equality & Human Rights Campaigner

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Days before his 21st birthday, Justin’s life changed irrevocably. A cough caused a herniated disc with subsequent surgeries all failing, resulting in paralysis and almost 18 months in hospital.

Sport has always been a key aspect of Justin’s life and it promptly became a lifeline and career. In Wheelchair racing, Justin has won 29 marathon titles across the globe. Justin is also the World and European Champion in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Winning his 2nd World championship this year in Abu Dhabi. In 2022 Justin and a friend completed the 1st non supported crossing of the USA by handbike, towing his wheelchair behind him. The over 3000mile journey was completed in 48 days raising over £200,000 for a disabled children’s charity.

A staunch activist for equality and human rights, Justin works tirelessly to see fair treatment for everyone.
A mentor to newly injured civilians and veterans, in 2019 Justin was named in the Top 10 most powerful and influential disabled people in the UK.

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