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December 27, 2020

Role Modelling Leadership in Financial Services: Annette Barnes CEO and NED & Jonathan Bowman-Perks: Inspiring leadership interview

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Always keep your humility humility and humour. When you succeed and get to the top ranks, remember to send a lift back down to others less fortunate than you

Annette Barnes – CEO Lloyds Banking Group Private Bank and now NED

I always wanted to be a physiotherapist, to help others. Arthritis in my back stopped that, so whilst taking a ‘year out’, I trained as an IT Systems Programmer. I progressed into broader IT roles, then moved to a new credit card company, MBNA Europe. I took every opportunity presented (IT, Contact centres, Underwriting etc). When I left MBNA 16 years later, I was on the main Board and we were the largest issuer in Europe. I moved to Lloyds Banking Group and undertook a variety of leadership roles: Supporting 14,000 colleagues in Customer Operations, overseeing Bank of Scotland (Retail Bank) and, as CEO of Lloyds Bank Private Banking Ltd, leading a talented team of Wealth Advisors. I chose to conclude my executive career in 2018 to progress a portfolio of Non-Executive roles. I currently work with 3 organisations (Old Mutual Wealth Ltd, Leeds Building Society and GlobalData plc).

An experienced CEO / COO that moved into a plural NED career in February 2018. Currently NED with Old Mutual Wealth Ltd (Quilter platform businesses), Leeds Building Society and GlobalData Plc.

January 2011 to January 2018 with Lloyds Banking Group (LBG). Most recently, CEO Lloyds Bank Private Banking Ltd and MD Wealth & Mass Affluent. Previously, Managing Director for Bank of Scotland (Retail), Customer Operations Managing Director, Group Programme Change Director, Director of Retail, Mortgage & UK Wealth Operations.

Previously, 16 years with Bank Of America / MBNA Europe Bank Ltd (Technology, Production, Operations, Risk & Control, Collections, Recoveries, Contact Centre, Customer Service, Telemarketing, Credit Underwriting, Fraud Prevention, Outsourced Operations, Programme Management, Six Sigma Greenbelt, SSADM)

8 years with HBOS Subsidiary (Collections, Technology, Systems Analysis & Design, Project Management, Programme Management)

Specialities: NED, CEO, COO, CIO, Executive Board Director, Operations Director, Contact Centre Management, Technology, Large Programme Management, Collections, Recoveries, General Management, Regulatory liaison, Outsourcing / offshoring.

Annette had some wonderful stories about humility and the way she was looked down upon by people when she was very junior and determined that she would never do the same when she rose to those positions. She kept her word and her actions.

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