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February 13, 2024

“Do everything that you do with humility” says Leah Tedrow

Top Tip Details

Leah Tedrow is a seasoned Strategic Communications, Internal and External Marketing expert specializing in mass media and public relations/social engineering campaigns in conflict, post conflict and developing countries, with over 29-years experience in the global media, marketing and business development field.

She has helped lead and develop over $750 million in strategic communications and social change campaigns. As a business executive and long-time media and contracts liaison to U.S. and NATO military commands, Leah has proven experience managing businesses, projects, campaigns and contracts that deliver the results that senior executives, board members and clients need under stringent guidelines, requirements and often austere environments.

Leah has 11 years experience in the U.S. Army as a military broadcast journalist, producing multiple-award-winning programs and documentaries and is a three-time Department of Defense Thomas Jefferson Award Recipient, Crystal Communicators Award of Excellence winner, the U.S. Army Europe Broadcast Journalist of the Year (2003), and recipient of over a dozen U.S. Army Keith L. Ware Award’s in both radio and television.

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