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December 07, 2023

“Live by example” says Hari Budha Magar, Adventurer, Mountaineer, and Inspirational Leader

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Hari Budha Magar: Adventurer, Mountaineer, and Inspirational Leader

Trailblazer on Everest: The Journey of an Unstoppable Spirit
Hari Budha Magar, a former Gurkha soldier, has redefined the boundaries of possibility. As the world’s first double above-knee amputee to summit Mount Everest, his story is not just about conquering peaks but also about surmounting life’s adversities.

From the Frontlines to the Mountain Tops
Hari’s journey began in Nepal, leading him to a distinguished 15-year career with the Royal Gurkha Rifles of the British Army, serving on five continents. His life took a dramatic turn in 2010 in Afghanistan, where he lost both legs to an improvised explosive device. This life-altering event set him on a path of resilience and transformation.

A Mission Beyond Mountaineering
Emerging as a beacon of hope and determination, Hari has conquered some of the world’s most challenging summits, including Ben Nevis, Mont Blanc, and Kilimanjaro. His achievements include being the only amputee to scale Mera Peak twice and making history in 2022 as the first person to reach Everest Base Camp on prosthetic legs.

A Pinnacle Achievement: Mount Everest
On May 19, 2023, Hari achieved his dream, summiting the 8,849m (29,029ft) Mount Everest. His grueling ascent through the South Col route, overcoming the Khumbu Ice Fall, Lhotse Face, and Hillary Step, is a testament to his extraordinary fortitude. His journey to the summit, taking 25 hours in challenging weather conditions, is a narrative of human spirit and endurance.

Inspiring Change and Raising Awareness
Hari’s endeavors go beyond mountaineering. He aims to raise £884,900, symbolically linked to Everest’s height, to support various charities. As a motivational speaker, he addresses audiences globally, sharing his narrative to challenge perceptions about disability and inspire resilience.

A Life of Overcoming Limits
Born in 1979 in Nepal amid a civil war, Hari’s early life was marked by hardship, including a childhood arranged marriage. His journey from a humble beginning to joining the Royal Gurkha Rifles, overcoming incredible odds, and his passionate advocacy for disability rights, paints the portrait of a man who refuses to be defined by limitations.

A Record of Remarkable Feats
Hari’s mountaineering record is impressive: Mera Peak (6,476m), Chulu Far East (6,059m), Kilimanjaro (5,895m), Mount Everest (8,846m), and Mont Blanc (4,810m). Each summit stands as a beacon of his unyielding spirit.

Partners in Purpose
Hari’s journey is supported by charity partners including the Gurkha Welfare Trust, On Course Foundation, Team Forces, Blesma, and Pilgrim Bandits, embodying the ethos of ‘Always a Little Further’.

A Voice for Change
Hari eloquently addresses the stigmas surrounding disability: “In Nepal, being disabled is seen as ‘a burden of the earth.’ Changing this global perception is a formidable challenge, but I am committed to making a profound impact.”

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