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November 21, 2023

“Never add to the fears of your people” says Commodore Peter Scott

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Peter Scott joined the Royal Australian Navy as a seventeen-year-old Midshipman, hopeful but uncertain, and over three decades rose to be the professional head of the Navy’s elite: the Submarine Arm. During that journey, he served among the dedicated crews of the most highly specialised capability in any Navy in the most complex and demanding environment on earth: the undersea battlespace.

He survived and led others through at-sea fires, floods and explosions, and passed the most demanding military command course in the world, Perisher. Peter commanded the longest deployment ever conducted by an Australian submarine and led the Arm through an unprecedented period of expansion. In all, he served in ten submarines and twenty different command and leadership appointments over thirty-four years. A veteran of multiple Special Operations with the Submarine Arm, he also saw war service in Iraq, the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan during 2006 and 2007.

He was awarded a Commendation for Distinguished Service in the Australia Day Honours List 2008, having previously been decorated with the Conspicuous Service Cross for achievements in command of HMAS Collins. Peter holds a Master’s degree in Coaching Psychology from the University of Sydney and now works as an executive coach to help leaders develop, perform and succeed. He has recently authored a memoir, published by Fremantle Press, on his naval and submarine service – ‘Running Deep. An Australian Submarine Life.’

When not writing or coaching, Peter can be found on the trails running ultra-marathons or relaxing at home with his family.

Peter’s Top Leadership Tip: is to never add to the fears of your people. Rather, give them the courage to face what threatens them.

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