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Global Leadership Coach to: Chairman, CEOs & Executive Boards. Top 2% of Global Podcasters, Leadership Mentor & Team CoachJonathan thrives supporting early growth businesses and Tech Companies; focussing on personal behaviour and future business results. You will gain a high return on investing in your own and your team’s development. His vocation has been shaped by his Father’s heroic leadership role modelling and his untimely death, as a British Royal Navy fast jet Pilot. Jonathan’s life calling is to inspire you and your team to: find and live your “True North”, unlock your potential and make a difference via your business.Leaders say they experience 3 specific benefits from working with Jonathan: they find greater meaning and purpose for themselves and those they lead, they learn to encourage independent, finest thinking and innovation - leading to faster, sustainable business results. Jonathan is a Master Certified Coach (MCC), Virtual Team Facilitator, motivational speaker, philanthropist, pragmatic philosopher and author. As top 2% Globally ranked Podcaster and Key Person of Influence (KPI) he focuses on current and aspiring CEOs, senior executives and their teams in every possible sector. No challenge is too hard.

Do you need a PEP talk?

I hope that you enjoy this uplifting video There is so much that we can learn from our very young children. They are less constrained by anxiety and fear of failure when they are so young. What goes wrong? By the time we become teenagers we are riddled with angst and exam worries! Perhaps it’s time for us to regain...

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How can you make 2013 your best year yet?

Do you shy away from defining crucial New Year’s Resolutions like: 1. What are your top 3 goals for this year? 2. Who do you want to be this year -so  how will you behave and treat your colleagues? 3. What is your life purpose – why are you here on this planet? Keep it simple – neuro-scientists have found our brains respond well to the “Goldilocks effect” when designing...

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Crucible Moments that shape you

It’s the admission of your mistakes as a leader that resonate most with those you lead or mentor. Of course it is inspiring to hear stories of you overcoming insurmountable odds, wisely handling conflict and winning through against evil opponents. What is even more memorable are your crises, indecisions, uncertainties, failures, setbacks and disappointments. What did you learn and how did...

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Tell Your Story

As a leader others need to find you credible. Are you worthy of their trust? Why should they be led by you? In the military we gave our lives following leaders and had to be certain they would not lead us to our deaths unnecessarily. To be credible we need to know some fundamental questions: 1. What has shaped you and your values? 2. What have been your high points and low points in your life? 3....

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Your Next Job – Give it Meaning & Purpose

Are you living your life on purpose? If not its time to think again. How robust and sustainable is your job? Daniel Pink uses 3 criteria to check this: 1. Can someone else do your job cheaper and faster (in an another country eg India / China)? 2. Can a computer do your job cheaper and faster? 3. Is what I am doing (or considering doing) of value in our age of abundance? This is why skills such...

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How Do You Bring Out The Very Best in Your Introverted Colleagues?

Watch the TED talk- Susan Cain: The power of introverts. In her book Quiet Susan talks about how to bring out the best in Introverts and not force fit 1/2 to 1/3 of your team into the world run by extroverts where they are less comfortable. Much of what she says makes great sense. There is a significant enhancement that she needs...

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Do You Really Care About Your Staff & Clients, Or Are They Just “Muppets”?

So do you really have respect for and care for your clients? Or are they really just a source for your own wealth and when they are not in the room are you disdainful, disrespectful and rude about them? Sadly it seems that there are too many parts of corporate business, backed up by my own experience and shocking stories from some of my clients, that there are too many managers who don’t...

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Leaders Are Made, Not Born – Brain Plasticity

For years arguments have raged as to whether leaders are born or made. New research on neuroscience points strongly that our experience continually shapes our neural connections in an effect known as “brain plasticity”. Leaders in many cases can be MADE. So you CAN teach old dogs new tricks. With repetition and commitment, new neural connections are made and leadership behaviours altered....

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You Just Ask “When?”

Your most powerful question to encourage you and others to take action is “when?”. It really nails you to avoid procrastination and reduces stress. You and they now have a date in the diary and can take it out of your “to do list” and swilling about your brain. I enjoyed Ian Cooper’s simple but effective book “Just ask the right questions to get what you want”....

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